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Time to move…

Grab a moving partner and hold on tight……………… Follow me to my new home


The pettiskirt and Frou frou tutorials can now be found here too

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Somewhere over the rainbow………

Yip another rainbow dress….I can’t see myself ever getting bored of this pattern. Tikki has done a fantastic job designing it.

This one is from my Yarn Swap V2.0 that was dyed by the lovely ditto on TNN.

And another one…this time a modified make a dress for nakey baby “Amelia”.

This one was done in scraps of Deep Purple Merino and The Wool Company Tropicana 😀

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Vintage Inspired Frilly Knicker Swaps

hehe – not for me, but for Em 😀

A wee while ago I done a swap with the Gorgeous Gabes, where I made her DD a tutu. In return Gabes made Em the most beautiful shorties = Perfect for cloth nappying in the warmer weather

And not only that, but she made her a matching wee tie dyed singlet…. Did I mention I love pink 😀 I think it comes from being surrounded by daughters 😀 not ever a colour I’ve ever liked growing up but now I’m older I love it.

Thank you soooooooo much we love them – I’ll update this post with a pic as soon as I find them 😀 But you can see the gorgeousness here

Pics as promised

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Pettiskirt Tutorial

I’ve had a few messages from friends asking me how to make the pretty petti’s so I’m in the process of translating my notes 😛

You can find the start of the tutorial here (on my new blog) 😀

Please please please If you make one I’d love to see pics 😀

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Wedding – The DIY way

It was my Little Sisters wedding on Saturday apart from the Rain (now thats one thing i couldn’t help with) the wedding was lovely.

They decided that they would pull their wedding forward to January – that gave them 5- 6 weeks (over christmas 😕 ) to get things organised. They chose to have a small DIY wedding…. I’m all for DIY so of course I was roped in eager to help 😀

My main task was to make the girls flower girl outfits – they were wee garden fairies. – see this post. The beautiful photo of Izzy looking angelic was taken by my aunty 😀

Then a week or so out from the wedding their photographer decided that it wasn’t suitable…. No problem – I’ll take some snaps for you. (this was actually a good excuse to practice as I’m hoping to take an Amateurs photography course in the next year or two – I’m happy with the results from my basic Digital SLR camera – ok it’s realy my other sister Juju’s camera but I have it on long term loan)

here are a few of my favourites –

And then on the day of the wedding a friend (who was making the cake) forgot the wedding was THAT day, mum called me in a panic…. No worries Mum I have an idea I’ll be round in 10mins 😀 .

2 chocolate mudcakes from the cheesecake shop, a bunch of gerberas, some ribbon and butterflies…. Voila. I’m actually quite pleased with my 20min wedding cake – I think most of the guests didn’t realise the rush it was made in until we told them.

Mum and my aunty done most of the decorating and they too done a fantastic job.

To Hannah and Lee – I wish you a lifetime of happiness.


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Pretty Petti’s

I’ve had this obsession with Pettiskirts since I first saw them on boutique childrens clothes Sewing forum I frequent. They sell for absolutely astronomical prices in the US (about $80-100 USD per skirt) and then I’d have to ship the big balls of fluff home adding to the cost. So after chatting with the ladies and feeling like I could actually attempt them I bought the fabric – almost a year later I attempted the skirts for my youngest sisters wedding as my girls would be the flower girls or fairies as they turned out to be. It turns out my aunty made these skirts way back when my sisters were little (I’ll find the photo as it’s soooo cute) so if I got stuck i’d have someone to turn to for advice.

Basically how I made them was I made 2 lots of tiered skirts with a big ruffle factor to get the oomph needed. The poufiness comes from the ruffle fluff which from memory is ruffled from 150cm down to 25cm so quite a fluffy ruffle 😀

After about 5 days and almost 15metres of fabric  both skirts were finished at 10pm the night before just in time for the wedding at 3pm 😀 – I am sooooooooooooooooo happy with the results.

My conclusion – although extremely satisfying now they are done – and I get to say “I MADE THEM”  – the huge pricetag these come with is soooooooooooooooo justified 🙂

Wedding pics to come in another post 😀

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A new home

For the dolly’s that is….

Again following with tradition, I didn’t start the renovation of this dollshouse until a couple of days before Christmas. It was a cheap buy from Trademe – I think under $20. I had bought the girls some wooden dolls furniture for cheap while I was in Nelson visiting my friend and her newborn son, so I really needed to get this finished in time for christmas as it was their main present.

Before pics….. this shows the roof after I repaired it – when we bought it it had some bits missing. Instead of making a new roof (DH was being stubborn) I bought some moulding putty and fixed it the best i could.

After a couple of days hard slog sanding it back (after finding out that it was enamel paint grrrr I did ask dh and he said that it wasn’t) and a couple of test pots of paint later, it was finally finished at 3am christmas morning.


And best of all……………………….The girls LOVE IT.

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Last Minute Christmas Gifts

Ok so I’m a serial procrastinator 😳 – something I’m going to try and change for the coming year. If there is a deadline I won’t start until the week or even a few days before it’s due 😳 and if no-one gives me a deadline then I’m sorry to say it isn’t likely to ever be done 😳

So christmas time was no exception…… with 5 days till christmas and no money for presents I had to do something. Along comes my lovely friend Margaret with a book from her marvelous collection “Bend The Rules Sewing”. It saved Christmas.

I went to bed that night and flipped through all the pages of quick easy potential gifts…. I was ready.  I made a list of who I had yet to buy for and assigned them a gift for me to make.

First Up was my Greatest Friend – Bridget and her darling mother (whom my girls believe is one of their grandparents 😀 sooooo sweet)

For Bridget I made the Artsy Clutch from the book – padded so she could use it as a camera bag – it turns out she bought herself a digital camcorder for Christmas (Lucky thing) so this will be a funky way of keeping it out of harms way.

I went stash diving and knowing my friend loves bright bold colours I went with Joel Dewberry Sparrows from his Aviary collection with a lime green sunburst (from the same collection) and I made a matching lime green button (oooh covered buttons….this will have to be a post in itself…what an awesomely cool addiction 😉 ) From Start to finish this project took about 20 mins – now you can’t complain about that 😀

For her mum I wanted something slightly different – in my bloggy travels I’d come across these Criss Cross Coasters. A fantastic way to use up fat 1/4’s (a quarter of a yard of fabric cut so it’s like a fat rectangle for you non sewers 😉  ) You get about 6 coasters from 2 contrasting fat 1/4’s. Again a simple but really effective gift. I love them and I think the recipient liked them too.

For my youngest sister a BIG BAG – the Pleated Beauty Bag – again from Bend The rules Sewing book.

Joel Dewberry Fabric again – this time in yellow (brighter than the picture shows) with a yellow lining. With a solid bottom.

I love the pleats – they add a point of difference. And I enjoyed making the bag so much that I’ve got one for me in progress (as soon as my machine comes back it will be finished)

My sister Juju received an Artsy Clutch also – this is for her New digital camera (see the theme?? 😉 )

Both of these fabrics are from my stash – I can’t think of the designer right now but again I had fun making the matching covered button 😀

For mum I made some coasters in some vintage style rose fabric from my stash

She also got some handmade crystal christmas tree earrings made by my friend and all the girls in the family got some Memo Holder Magnets

These again were quick and easy to make. I had some wooden pegs from the girls craft box and raided my ribbon stash. I then put craft glue on the peg edge and wrapped it in a ribbon. The magnet strip was cut to size and added on the back. Then leave them to dry – and there you have it – a quick and easy gift 😀

All the males in the family got some homemade fudge using the quick and easy recipe of Christine’s with some added goodies in it – crushed candy canes, some with cointreau etc. All was devoured within a day and I even had phonecalls asking if the fudge could be their annual christmas gift… I think I can do that. You’ll need to hound Christine for the recipe should you want to try it yourself 😉

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The 1st yarnswap was so successful that it was decided to do a 2nd one (and also a 3rd which I didn’t take part in 😳 due to my busy schedule leading up to the new year).

Anyway version 2.0 was the same as the first one with a slight tweak – no knitting gift was needed but apart from that it was the same

My recipient to be was Shortly – I reallyhad to put my thinking cap on, and since the swap was to be completed so close to christmas I decided on a christmas theme.


I based it around what makes Christmas unique to us here in New Zealand – the fact it’s summer plays a big part in how we celebrate it, bbq’s, beaches, swimming. My girls have a wonderful christmas book called “Kiwi Jingle Bells” which sums it all up perfectly. I decided this was the main part of my swap.

Pohutukawa coloured Yarn (New Zealand’s Christmas tree – flowers around christmas time)

I also included the book and a couple of keyrings (a jandal and a buzzy bee) to use as decorations. The pattern I chose was for some jandal socks 😀

In return the lovely E sent to me a


Themed swap…. Man was i spoilt.

I got some Everlasting gobstopper yarn

Lots and lots and lots of Wonka lollies 😀

A purple scarf from when Violet turned into a blue berry

A pattern for a sweetie dress and a Chocolate Sauce River Recipe.

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Amy Butler Barcelona Skirt

My First adult garment


I had my husbands work christmas party to go to……I’ve been doing weightwatchers so all my clothes are getting too big for me (YAY) and with the fact that I’m still losing weight and have a bit to go I didn’t want to buy something new that in a few months time would be unwearable, so I thought I’d be brave and sew myself something. With lots of encouragement from Christine (I was scared to cut into my Amy butler fabric) I went for it…. and it wasn’t too hard.  I used the Amy Butler Barcelona A-line skirt pattern with some Amy Butler Passionflower fabric. Everything was written clearly and I even adjusted the pattern to fit using the instructions it fits PERFECTLY.

Excuse the pics I took them of myself 😳

I even learnt how to put in an invisible zip

The only modifications that I made was that I didn’t line it …on purpose – as I do want to be able to wear the skirt again as I lose weight I left it unlined so that I can take in the seams as i shrink 😀

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Bag Swap V2.0

Again….. The pull of bags is just far toooooo much for me. I love bags (and shoes) but mmmmmmmmmmmm bags.

So anyway the lovely Christine decided to run another bag swap before christmas and with not too much a bit of arm twisting I was in.

My swappee was a friend on TNN. She’s a teacher and one of the ideas she gave me was for a bag that she could keep on her person at all times that would hold her keys, cellphone and ipod. I had a think, and I remember seeing on craftster a tutorial for a bum bag hipslinger. PERFECT.  I was also told that some of her favourite colours are pink and green and that she likes things no-one else has, and funky fabrics. I’m all about funky fabrics and I knew the perfect one for the project. Some Amy butler fabric from her Nigella range – Passion blossom. I had made myself a skirt out it only a couple of weeks ago and I absolutely loved it.

So anyway the bag….. Here are some pics

And the only modifications really were that i used a tie closure

in return I got the COOOOOOOLEST Work in progress bagsket in my favourite colour PINK

it has cool pockets on the inside

and is lined with a funky dragonfly print fabric (one that I’ve admired for ages)

I love it so much and it’s used all the time 😀

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Knitting Finish Objects for the Year

This post is just like the other – a catch up so i can start 2009 Fresh…..

So what was i doing in my absence? apart from reading blogs of course….. KNITTING 😀


For Em a Wicked Jersey in Patons Smoothie  – not such a fan of the yarn as it’s quite splitty. I don’t normally knit in acrylic either so this could have been the other issue. Though i do love the Jersey – the pattern modifications were those of Tikki‘s Mischevious and made a roomyish size 2 – 2009 goal is to knit the adult version for myself.


I knitted up a set of Dishcloths for a friend that was moving into their new home. She’d asked me if I had any cotton in my stash for her to knit herself some dishcloths, but I thought I’d knit them for her instead – I know how stressfull moving into a house whilst doing the renovations and being pregnant can be

I love the bright bold colours


This time a gift for a friends newborn daughter. A rainbow dress in “neopolitan” ice cream colours – and a matching soaker with a ruffle bum (inspired by the gorgeous gabes Vintage knickers that she knitted for em)


And because I love the Pattern sooooo much I had to make another rainbow dress – this time for Em (but I made it too big so it Izzy got it and loves it – can you tell??)

Knitted in Moda Vera Bamboo


My lovely Grandmother turned 90 this year, she’s starting to feel the cold constantly now 😦 so I thought I’d make her something to help keep the chill at bay whilst she’s doing her day to day stuff. I chose the pattern Evangeline as they were designed with the designers grandmother in mind. I thought that it fitted well with what I wanted.

They were knitted in Naturally Yarns Merino et Soie in a gorgeous purple colour

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End of Year Catchup – Thank you’s

Ok yes, I know, I’ve been absent forever -well 4 months at least. I always meant to get back here and update things but I had so much fun reading others blogs that my own was sadly neglected

So here I am – Hoping to make amends. And hopefully – somewhere someone still checks in on me.

So as a final farewell to 2008   here are some of my last few months projects. I’m hoping to start 2009 fresh with lots of new stuff and regular updates.

First of all some long overdue Public acknowledgement of wonderful gifts received from amazing friends and swap partners

The Koha

from the gorgeous Christine all wrapped up in the best type of wrapping – FABRIC

And the goodies it enclosed  most gorgeous Bamboo Scarf (which she has blogged about here) which Izzy promptly claimed and even now when she says it I get a sharp telling off and a “hey that’s mine” 😉

Beautiful Hand Dyed Yarn Which I’ve knitted into a soaker

And CHOCOLATE – Organic Greens & Blacks Chocolate – which actually matches the yarn – I bet Christine done that on purpose 🙂

Yarn Swap V1

I took part in 2 yarn swaps. For the first one I sent out 2 packages (one I blogged about here which was actually my last post for many months – whoops sorry and the 2nd package was sent to the Gorgeous Kelly in Oz)

Well I also received the most gorgeous well thought out swap parcels in return 😀

Pretty as a Princess Yarn Swap

The first came from the wonderful Sharon. All who know me  know that I’m a HUGE Disney fan so Sharon decided to take this and use it in her swap. I received the most gorgeous wool dyed in the Jewel Tones of the Disney Princess Dresses.

Also included in the package was a WIP bag with a matching notions pouch, CHOCOLATE, a pattern for some lacy Come Dancing Socks and a recipe for Chocolate Pear Brownie mmmm yummy.

The link above includes all the details of the lovely swap – I’m just sorry it’s taken me this long to post about it.


Kelly was my other gifter. She has blogged about her gorgeous Persephone ” godess of the underworld” themed swap here

Gorgeous – firey hand dyed yarn, Pomegranate juice and hand beaded stitch markers. A pattern for Persephone wrist warmers and a recipe for pomegranate sago pudding.

THANK YOU to you all – mwah mwah mwah

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Another fun swap which I’ve taken part of on TNN

It was a well thought out Swap and the brain child of my friend Kelly.

The swap was to be done to a theme of your choice and consisted of 5 parts.

*Hand Dyed Yarn



*Knitting related gift

*small “other” gift

I took part in 2 swaps the first one I can now show you as the person has received it 😀 (the other person is yet to receive hers as she’s in Australia so the post is a bit slower)

The theme I chose for Swap 1 was “Jellybeans” based on this poem

Families are like jelly beans
Each one uniquely coloured,
Some are red, some pink, some green
And some are even spotted!
Each one’s flavour is all its own
Some tart, some sweet, some sweeter,
Some get scooped up right away
And some get saved for later.
But although each one’s different
And some favoured over others,
Put ’em all in a basket and
They all go great together

My yarn was dyed in “Jellybean” colours of bright reds, blues, yellows, greens, oranges and of course black. I used a combination of Acid dyes and cake gels to acheive the look. The yarn is Cleckheaton country 8ply.

The pattern I chose was “Jelly Beanie” (rav link)

The Recipe: Jelly Bean Biscotti

The knitting gift: Some Jelly bean coloured stitch markers

The other gift: A noodle box of Jelly beans 🙂

The other swap I’ll do a post for later (as I said the person hasn’t received – in that post I also have pics of the gorgeous packages I received 😀 )

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Leaving on a Jet Plane…..

But now I’m all back home again 😀


This past weekend I was lucky enough to spend the weekend with the darling Sweetp and her family in Christchurch.

We had a fantastic weekend – knitting, nattering, shopping, nattering, yarn dyeing and nattering 😀 . It was a fantastic break to revive the mind and soul (well on my part anyway).  It was my first weekend away from my girls so I was a wee bit nervous (ok a lot bit nervous) but lucky for me Gabe’s gorgeous girls made me feel at home and loved 😀

I was also lucky enough to meet a few of the other ladies in CHC who frequent the same forum. Lots of laughter and eating and a bit more nattering 😉


I hate turning up to places empty handed – and I had to thank Gabes for her hospitality so I thought I’d make the Queen of Knitting somewhere to hold her current Project (yes I know, who only ever has 1 project on the go) I got my spy to do some work for me (though she did a bit too good of a job and Gabe’s posted this) and I put together a plan 😀

Anyway… Here is the WIP (work in Progress)  Bag.


I used a large Ziploc bag as a guide (well it’s where I keep my projects) so it’s around that size. The bottom is flat and has a piece of heavy interfacing to give it a sturdy base. The sides have a fusible batting in them to help the bag stand by itself and also to help prevent the needles poking through. If I had of been brave enough I would have tried quilting it – but alas – that was far toooooo scary.


Oh and can you see my favourite part???? The wee row counter on the drawstring 😀 Yes I’m a geek.


I added a few accessories to help make project wrangling easier.

A wee zippered notion pouch – made using this tutorial. This was my first ever zipper and I’m very proud of it.


And a “Yarn Bra” to hold a centre pull ball of yarn to help it from tangling. (for the ladies I met at the knitting night – I’ll have a tutorial up ASAP – though I think you all took enough notes lol) I got this idea from my Aunty who made a few of these in smaller sizes for christmas presents one year.


Both pouches have a clip so they can be clipped to the D-ring inside the bag for easy retrieval.


Personalised with a Name tag 😀


Inside I added some gorgeous Purple Merino et Soie Yarn, a bar of Dairy Free Fair trade Chocolate and a copy of the Yarn Harlots book.


ooooooh and Gabes gave me a huge spool of white yarn to dye from this stash.


Thank you Gabes and girls for showing me a fantastic time and having me to stay.


The Photo was taken by Gabe’s 6yo DD – isn’t she clever 😀 ( oh and that’s me all bundled up in my big woolly jacket – spot the Aucklander 😉 )

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Woolly Winter Warmers

I know – a bit late in the season, but I had a visit planned to the Arctic Christchurch to visit the Gorgeous Gabes 😀 . Lucky I did get them completed as when I flew in on Saturday it was 1 degree brrrrrrrrrrr.

I had been admiring this pattern for a neckwarmer for ages. So I had to knit it. It was actually to wear to DH’s work function where I got lots of lovely comments (where did I buy it?? I love being able to reply – I made it 😀 *warm fuzzies*)


And for the other exposed part  – my hands. The wristwarmers using the fetching pattern. The only mods I made were to do an extra repeat on the cable pattern and do a normal bind off instead of a picot bind off



I used my most favourite stashed yarn – Merino Fine by Naturally Yarns in a fuschia pink. Sadly this yarn is no longer available – so I’m glad I now have something to remember it by lol 😀


I love the set sooo much – I’ve been wearing them everyday. It’s so nice to have something pretty for myself. It’s not often that happens

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Crafty Genes. A tribute of sorts

Ok, I never write thoughtful posts, mostly because I can’t get my thoughts in order, but this is something I’ve been thinking about for a while. My apologies for it’s muddleness but I just need to write.

I love my family, I love their crafty ways. I love that I’ve been brought up around crafts of all sorts. I love that inspiration surrounds me and I love that I have people that I aspire to be like.

I regret that I didn’t learn what they had to teach me sooner.

Last year my mum taught me to knit. My mum is a brilliant knitter. She’s knitted christening shawls for both my girls – treasures to be passed down for generation (I hope). I’m sure she thinks that it is fantastic that I now knit, it takes pressure off her hehe. Thank you mum, for it is you that has lead me down this path which is so obviously meant for me.

My mum and my aunties (I’ll tell you about them later) learnt their skills from my Grandmum. My Grandmum is an amazing woman, I really think this post is geared towards her. She’s a seamstress, pattern drafter, knitter, tatter, crocheter, woodworker, potter, toymaker, lacemaker, weaver, spinner and macrami maker, you name it my Grandmum could do it.

It is now that I am older and my love for crafts grow that I really wish I’d taken the time to learn what my grandmother had to teach. If I could have but a percentage of her talent then I would consider myself blessed.

Recently, my grandmother has been clearing out her home. Passing on stuff that she has collected throughout the years. I am fortunate enough to have been gifted all her vintage knitting, crochet, sewing patterns, books, magazines and cutouts. She did keep everything. While going through the piles of paper I’ve found things that I remember her making. A quilt with holly hobby (does anyone remember Holly Hobby??), soft toys. Stuff I wish I had kept (why oh why was I not the hoarder then that I am now hehe).

Of everything that she has passed on to me – the one thing that I will cherish and treasure more than anything is her Spinning Wheel. I have fond memories of the spinning wheel. It lived in her bedroom next to the fireplace. Us kids were never allowed to touch it. I do remember having the odd press of the pedal and feel the exhilaration that it gave me. Maybe it was just the act of doing something forbidden hehe.

Now that I have been enlightened, I’m going to take up any offer to enhance my skills if people wish to teach me. First up, my Aunty Carol, she is just like my Grandmum (though I’m not sure if she’d like to be thought of that way) but I mean it in the best way possible. She is probably the most crafty, fascinating, hippy woman. She is the one that is most like me. Anyway she is an amazing quilter. If I can find pics I’ll show you what I mean. She has agreed to teach me her art of quilting 🙂 I do hope she’s patient. I’ll put progress pics as I learn. And maybe share some of her wisdom (if she doesn’t mind).

Oh and while I’m talking about how fantastically crafty my family is – look at this site – this is my cousin Lara. She has the eye for photography and a way with paper. Her albums are droolworthy and I love nothing more than sitting down and seeing what she’s done to enhance her photos, and tell her story.

I’m hoping to start my girls young on the road to craftiness, I don’t want them to realise what a gift it is when it’s too late. Izzy already is asking for a sewing machine and often sits on my knee while I’m sewing to “help”. Emily is the one who has a thing for yarn, I feel the knitting gene is strong in that one.

Anyway – thanks for reading my ramble. If you got this far you have done well.

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MidWinter Secret Santa

A couple of months ago a few members of the forum TNN joined in on a Mid Winter Secret Santa. It is now time that the presents are due to be received 🙂

I played with lots of ideas for my Santee but I felt bad about the amateurish stuff. I finally settled on an idea and got to work.

For the baby (she is due to make an appearance shortly) I made the cutest teenciest wee booties using this pattern. Are newborns feet really that small?? surely not. Both booties fit into the palm of my hand 🙂 . They are knitted in Cleckheaton Coccoon – an absolutely beautiful soft yarn. I really enjoyed knitting it. I like that the pink isn’t a baby pink, a bit more melony, which gave me the idea to add the limey green – there you go, Watermelon booties.

And a girl always needs to match. So for the top, this cute wee hat. It reminds me very much of a 1920’s style hat.

The wee flower was knitted using this pattern and 4ply on 3.25mm needles

Mama also requested some cloth wipes so I made a few of those up to 🙂

For Miss 2 and a bit – I really wanted to make her a hat, but I’m not the fastest knitter so I thought I would attempt to sew an outfit for her. I haven’t sewn outfits for anyone else apart from my girls (apart from tutus but that is just very basic sewing) so it was a bit daunting. I know that miss 2’s mum is a great sewer so I hope the outfit is up to standard.

A raglan hoodie – size 3 with length added. I did this on purpose so that she could get lots of wear out of it (hopefully next year) I love the pink and yellow combo. And I’ve seen a picture of the recipient wearing it and I think the colour really suits her.

The pants are meant to be tights – but I made them larger – size 3-4 so that once again she could grow into them. They are loose – like a trackpant, at the moment, but as she grows they should still look ok 🙂

(can you tell I’m the mum of 2 girls, I always try to make stuff that both girls can wear and get lots of use out of )

I am pleased to say that everything for this outfit came from my stash 🙂 woohoo stash reduction. The top is microfleece and the bottoms are a cotton knit pumpkin patch fabric which I scored from a fabric outlet shop 😉

My Izzy decided she wanted to make a present too, so we got out her beads (she’s very into patterns atm) and we put together a wee bracelet. I helped with the letters and the knots and she put the beads in sequence. It was lovely working together as a team. I used the bracelet as the nametag for the gift.

Miss Em also got to choose something to put in so I took her to the shop and let her chose a gift. She chose a blues clues book. I’m sure she thought it was for her as she walked around the shop shouting “DOG” “BIG DOG” (oh btw did I tell you??? EM CAN TALK yay finally – after having absolutely no speech at 19mths she’s actually talking 🙂 – I’m so proud of her)

For Mama – I knitted a hat, it’s the better bucket hat knitted using mods by solaris on ravelry – which gives a flarier (is that a word – I think not) brim. I chose this pattern as it also sort of reminded me of a 1920’s style hat and I wanted the present to match in with bubba. I made a larger version of the knitted flower. The wool I’ve used is Naturally yarns – Merino et Soie (merino and silk) in a gorgeous jewel-like purple colour, the flower is Merino Fine by the same company and sadly is no longer available which is a shame as I have to say it is one of the most beautiful yarns you could knit. Soft and springy and gorgeous.

Unfortunately the recipient says it’s slightly too big – whoops – I used my head as measurements so maybe my head is larger than I thought 😦 It is actually meant to be slightly larger – the brim falls to eye level and the back slopes down.

Now this is where I confess my slowness – I had intended to knit a matching scarf, neckwarmer (which I might still do since the hat doesn’t fit) but I ran out of time. Gifts had to be sent by last week. Actually I might start on it after I post this. I am slow so might take me a month hehe.

Mama is also a knitter so I made a couple of stitchmarkers for her knitting.

I really do hope they enjoy their presents. I apologise that it’s not really what you asked for but I got carried away with so many ideas.

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Happy Birthday Juju

My gorgeous lil blister turned 20 today.  So being the procrastinator I am of course I only started her present today.

I hope you are happy Juju as I cut into my gorgeous Michael Miller fabric for you 😀 (though that means nothing to you really does it hehe)


A day of busyness……..

Pattern Used: Amy Butler Frenchy Handbag

Fabric Used: Michael Miller Daisy Dreams – and a contrasty seaspray bluey green from the bottom of my fabric stash

Time to make – all day – well ok not really, I made it when I could grab a few moments of time away from the kidlets.

Getting prepared

pattern pieces

The exterior :




The lining


Woohoo Finished


 Amy Butler Frenchy Handbag

I love the wee little pleats on the front – they don’t show up well in the picture but they really are sweet 🙂 Overall a reasonably easy pattern – everything is explained for you. Now I’ve done one of Amy Butlers patterns I’m almost ready to tackle the weekender bag 😀

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Yay a place especially for those that appreciate the love and thought of a handmade gift. Months of hard work has been put into getting this ready so big CONGRATULATIONS to Jayce and her team.

Everyone go check it out  CRAFT FETISH

It’s a crafters paradise, check out other crafters wares (oooh shopping) and make some new crafty friends in the forum. It’s like an online mall for all things handmade. FANTASTIC



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Quicky update

I thought I’d do a quick post with some of the stuff I’ve made recently but have been too slack to pop up – there are more to come but the pics are still stuck in the camera (hehe)

First up we have……

Another Dreamswatch headband for Jax – Stella bamboo in turquoise – 6 pattern repeats instead of 4 and I done the ends in stocking stitch as the wrapping and unwrapping and twisting got a bit tiresome after a while. I love the colour – it’s gorgeous (though I am partial to a bit of blue 😀 )

Dreamswatch Turquoise

A couple of Raglan Sleeved Hoodies for my girlies – this pattern is so quick and easy – I think both were made in under an hour – I even attempted my first bit of applique 🙂

Raglan Hoodie

A hat for my brother which ended up being too short so he wants me to pick up stitches and make a foldover big like a beanie. I think NZ men just must have big heads 😀

Small hat for Big heads

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K’s Longies

I’m doing a swap with a friend – she’s making me some bling and in return I’ve knitted a pair of Longies for her boy 😀 This was a learning curve as I don’t do boys hehe so my first few attempts really were too girly and not right. I’m hoping these ones will be manly enough for a wee boy hehe.

Pattern of choice – Pimp My Longies

K's Longies

And I’ve learnt how to do a bit of pimping of my pics hehe – a new door has opened – watch this space for more pic inventions teehee 🙂

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Darn Winter bugs…

Well the bug season seems to be well and truely underway in our house. Em seems to catch every wee thing going around {{SIGH}} I think with Izzy being a big kindy girl now she brings extra germies home with her.

Anyway after a bad night and a few bed changes Em McSpewy was without her safety sleep – she won’t sleep in the big bed without it 😕 -So I had to quickly do some sewing – and make something that would help.

So here is Em’s safety wrap – I made it out of clearance unlined curtain fabric (100% cotton) at $2/m = 3m used in total. It’s a bit thicker than my dress fabrics but still soft enough for a bed.

I made it quite wide so if she was sick again I could just change the wrap and not the sheets and everything too.

Bed Wrap

If anyone wants instructions – just ask and I’ll type them up – I’m actually going to make another one as DH loves them more than the safety sleep as he doesn’t like velcro (and this snaps close).


Measure the mattress width and height and multiply x 2 (my mattress is 90cm wide and 20cm deep)

Add 25cm for seam allowance etc and fold over – I think I added 30 because I miscounted – it’s not an exact science so don’t worry hehe

I just used the selvedge to selvedge as the width I wanted it so about 112cm – I didn’t bother hemming as I needed it quickly but it’s completely up to you 🙂

Fold over 2cm at each end and press then fold over again 5cm so the 2cm piece is inside the hem.

Sew down the hem

Place snaps at about a 10cm interval along the hem – if you get it where there is an extra layer you shouldn’t have to reinforce

for the wrap around the tummy part – measure from armpit of child to hip (if this is how wide you want it to be) then double – this is the width.

For the length of the wrap  make it about twice as wide as the childs chest measurement (keep in mind mine was made for a toddler not sure if it will work for a younger bubba)

Cut fabric – fold in half right sides facing (oh this is for the width) and sew down.  Turn in right way and hem the ends.

Find the centre of the bed wrap and pin the top wrap to the bottom wrap (have I lost you yet hehe)

Sew down securely – I made a box with a cross in on mine – box was about 10cm wide by the width of the top wrap.

Snap the top wrap where you like so it fits snuggly around your bubba- or use velcro

Once again this is quick but as soon as I get all my real measurements I’ll put them up.

Hopefully this will do in the meantime – any questions just ask 😀

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Princess Pyjama Party

So as a start of my complete one project a week I’ve finally gotten around to sewing Izzy’s Pj’s – these were meant to be finished in January (whoooooops) but they are done now and I’m happy with them.


Pattern: Kwik Sew 3216

Fabric: Disney Princess Flannel – $2/m clearance from Spotty

Notions: Snapped closure instead of buttons (too hard lol)

 Princess PJS


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Fabric Addiction

A couple of nights ago I posted a thread on TNN about fabric addiction, How much fabric is too much??

After counting out what fabric is due to arrive to me from various places in the next month or so I got a total of somewhere over 70yds -eeeeek what went wrong.

Here is my post from TNN

What is your level of addiction?? Can you pass a fabric store without taking a quick peak?? or do the words SALE make you buy bolts of fabric lol??Did you buy you fabric with plans or just because you like it??

ok….. I’ll start….

I have what I consider a serious fabric addiction – I have been sewing for just over a year

I’ve just done a total of the fabrics that I have due to arrive and off the top of my head it is over 70yds somehow this is to fit in with the maybe 60 yds of quilting fabs I already have.

I buy all my fabrics with projects in mind….. but then I start something else and I feel like I’m just not going to do the fabric justice – it is far too pretty and perfect to be sewn by a novice like me – so it goes back on display so I can just look and touch.

I don’t put my fabrics in a box as it is a visual and tactile thing for me – I love the looks, the feel and the smell of the fabric.

How do you hide 70yds of fabric from your husband??

at least some of the fabric on order can be easily converted (hopefully) into projects as they are for furnishings (curtains, quilts, duvets, cushions, chair covers) for the girls room.

My next question?? How do you stay motivated?? Everyone churns out masses of beautiful stuff – while I still sit here and procrastinate about the perfect project. Maybe I need to give up one hobby and concentrate on the one that is taking the most space (so give up the wool and concentrate on the fabric)

I need a plan of attack to get my stash sewn up – my past attempts at stash reduction has failed miserably (and actually I own almost 3x the amount i started off with).

Please help me


Hopeless Hoarder

Luckily for me – TNN is a place where I never feel like an outcast lol and I’ve had lots of support – we have started a wee challenge to complete a project each week, not in the trying to reduce our stash but more as a motivational journey – hopefully over time the stash depletion will come naturally 😀

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Frou Frou Tutu Recipe

I’ve written up a tute for my Frou Frou Tutu – so if you’ve been wanting a pattern or instructions look here


I hope you enjoy 😀

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Jelly Tip

All the best things are named after food and thanks Margo for the name 😀

Sock yarn (5ply sports weight) dyed in raspberry, chocolate and vanilla colours mmmmmmmmmmmm – my entry into a Mothers day raffle (you send a gift as your entry then it’s all pooled together to make a prize)

Jelly Tip Yarn

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ooooh Mail


Today I received my bag from the bag swap. It’s soooooo cool – absolutely perfect for what I need 😀

Enough room for some knitting, a nappy, some wipes a pattern, my wallet, keys and cellphone

It is made of a denim fabric with a retro fuschia lined fabric on the inside and what I think is Hand Beaded flowers – absolutely Gorgeous. I tried getting perfect photos but the light isn’t good today and I’m just too excited to wait before I share lol 😀

Bag Swap bag -outside


Bag swap beading


Bag Swap Bag - inside

Thank you bag swap fairy – I love it 😀

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Mmmmmmmmm Woooooooool


really not much else to say 😀

except maybe – I love wool

My newest acquisitions – Wool company yarn – tropicana, flamingo and sunflower

Wool Company Tropicana

Wool Company flamingoThe Wool Company

I might keep the tropicana in my too precious to use stash as I think it’s no longer made – and it’s funny – I never liked yellow prior to this wool (it’s the same stuff used to knit the longies below so this one is ok for stashing 😀 )

The flamingo and Sunflower were going to be another pinwheel but I might do something different now – will have to spend a few hours on ravelry to decide (what a shame 😀

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Bag Swap

*****- my swapee wants a clue so I’ll un private this post and see if she finds it hehe***

Yet another TNN inspired post 😀

A group of us have joined in on a bag swap – I had planned on making the Amy Butler Frenchy bag but my pattern didn’t arrive in time so I had to come up with something else.

I looked through my stash for some inspiration and found 3 fabrics that I liked – even though at the time I wasn’t sure they would go together – the 2 blue ones are actually some of my favourite fabrics – I love the prints – something about it brings back memories of my childhood (I hope the recipient doesn’t mind since she said she actually liked purple hehe – the only purple fabric in my stash was some disney Ariel so not sure how well that would have gone down)

Anyway we were given a list of likes and dislikes – she doesn’t like stripes but I’m hoping patchwork stripes are ok – too late now anyway.


TNN Bag Swap


TNN bag swap - back

I used a pattern I’ve had in my filing pile for a long time- so long now I’m not sure where I printed it from in the first place – (hopefully I remember so I can give credit) . The only adaption I made was adding a pocket to the inside.

ETA The pattern has an owner sign up to the newsletter on this site and they send you a free pattern – it is called the Debut purse 😀


TNN bag swap - inside

The other thing I used for the first time was Fusible Fleece – it’s the first time I’ve heard of it and it does make a nice finish (even if it’s expensive – will have to do some research to see if there is anywhere cheaper than spotlight as I can see me wanting to use this more on other projects). Basically it’s a medium weight iron on batting and adds structure to the piece.

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Pimp My Longies longies

More knitting – this time I wanted to try out the Pimp My Longies Pattern of Jenny’s after seeing so many lovely knitted pants coming from the ladies on TNN 


Em’s Tropicana Pimp My Longies longies

no elastic in the waist yet (I’ll get to it eventually)

Size made XL – 18mth size

Wool Used:

Utiku Tropicana – about 150ish grams

Tekapo Yellow for cuffs               


PML Tropicana Longies


My favourite part was the gusset – the way she done it is fantastic and there are no holes to sew up later – something that frustrated me with my picky pants pattern (probably because I’m not doing it right on the Picky pants one hehe)

 PML Gusset


I think she is adding some measurements to it which will make it easier for newer knitters or those without babies yet to use.

Overall a great pattern – I’ve already got another pair on the needles already


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Soaker Tester

A friend of mine has been playing with the idea of a totally seamless, graftless soaker pattern. I volunteered my services to help her test out the pattern (which when ready will be available on Ravelry and through Sweet-P’s Blog )

The Vanilla Knitter Soaker

The Vanilla Knitter Soaker 

It’s a very cute nb soaker with a nifty button to make an umbilical scoop (no rubbing on those cord stumps) and ribbing through the crotch (nice and stretchy to cover those cloth nappies) and it’s soooo tiny – I forget how small nb’s are with my 2 big girls running around causing havoc and mayhem everywhere lol

It uses a provisional caston which I’m not expert at but from recommendation of a more experienced knitter on TNN I used  this one 

The wool used is Naturally Yarns Merino Fine in 10ply in a fuschia pink (prettier irl than in the pic) and white and is absolutely gorgeous to knit – it’s so soft and squishy 😀 and I’ve added a pink heart button I found in my stash

I think I might gift this one on seeing as there are no more babies to be had in this house hehe so hopefully the person likes it 😀


I’ll let everyone know when the pattern is available for you all to try and love 😀

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Pinwheel Madness

I love this pattern

This is my 2nd Pinwheel – I made some adjustments this time as my first one (knit to gauge using wool specified etc) turned out too small for my broad shouldered wee miss

First of all I used BWM Aran yarn – colours Seamist, Lavendar and Magnolia from Bendigo Woollen Mills it’s not as soft as the Peruvian Highland Wool I used last time but it’s not bad

I adjusted my tension slightly by using 5mm needles

I placed the provisional cast on for the sleeve about 8 rows further than the pattern suggested to get the right width in the back for Izzy

I also done a few more rounds (not too sure exactly how many – until I got bored)

The worst part of this pattern is the garter stitch – it just goes on forever – but I do like this one more than my first – the garter fits in perfectly. Oh and I didn’t do the loopy edge (as it’s not to my taste)

Finished work 🙂

Em's pinwheel

and of course – here it is being modeled by the lovely miss Em 😀 all snuggled up with a book (doesn’t it look cosy??)

Em Pinwheel

Em Pinwheel 2

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A space for me – in progress

I’m so excited to have my own wee sanctuary – well sanctuary to be 😀

Since my sister moved out a couple of weeks ago our smallest bedroom has been slowly turned into my CraftHaven (or maybe that should be heaven 😉 )

It still needs “prettifying” but for the moment it’s serving it’s purpose – a place for me to escape and practice my craftiness stuff and regain some sanity (oh and chat with my cyber buddies 😀 )

So here are some progress pics

The view from my door – the cube shelving was a bargain on Trademe for $13.00 for lots and lots (enough for the girls room too) It holds my minky, my 8ply wool, my 4ply wool, my microfleece (for nappies), sewing threads, patterns, books, ribbons, zips etc.

Also once my fabric is washed I hang it on a hanger and just put it on the side so I know I don’t need to rewash it again

sewing room

My fabric display – a recycled Towel rack from a Massagey spa place – it is fantastic – I’m a serious Fabric Junkie (and have snobbish tendancies) so this way I can display all my favourites – Michael Miller, Amy Butler, Joel Dewberry to name a few.

It serves 2 purposes – a pretty and bright display for my room and also means I can see what I have (well some of what I have the others are still put away) and grab it easily to use.

Fabric Display Rack

More storage – my wardrobe with more cubes – stores my cottons and other random bits and pieces (snaps and electronic stuff and beads that I don’t want the girlies to get into) and also a couple of plastic drawers – holds yet more yarn and nappy making supplies (and my snap press and spare overlocker on top)

wardrobe storage plasticy drawer storagey thingys

there isn’t a picture of my lovely sewing cabinet yet (because atm it’s covered in craftiness and you really don’t want to see that) but here is a before pic from when it lived in my lounge 🙂

Folded away – broom there for size comparison 😉 oh and yes mirror did get cleaned shortly after haha

closed cabinet

unfolded and being inspected by Em

unfolded horn

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Marvelous Minkee Birthday Bunny

OMG I think that minkee (or minky) must be one of the most gorgeous feeling fabrics around – I’m more of a natural fibres gal but I make an exception when it comes to this gorgeous pile of fluffiness 😀

It was a friends DD birthday party today and I let Miss Izzy choose the gift for mama to make – She chose a bunny.

Hmmmmmm how do I make a bunny??

I asked her are you sure she wouldn’t want a bear or a dress or something that a pattern is easily accessible for??

No mum – she WANTS A BUNNY 😕

ok missy lets see what I can do.

There are lots of bunny patterns online btw – but I struggled to find what I wanted -until a few hours later that is where I found this one  -( it’s about halfway down the page )

It took a nappy cut of minky plus a few extra bits (for those that aren’t a nappy nutter like myself that is about 50cmx50cm approx) I could have squeezed it all out of a cut had I been bothered to fiddle with the pattern pieces.

Minkee of choice for this project- Minky Dots – baby pink with contrast of baby blue 🙂 Minky dots is now available at Spotlight in NZ yay – and I think it is around $12.99/m – though unfortunately for me I paid alot more and bought it from the US ages ago. Sometimes I guess it pays to be patient 😕 but then patience was never one of my strong points.

Time of project – about 3ish hours in total – though I did it in parts.

Things to improve – embroidery (I really need some help on that) and the closing up stitching – what do you call it – you know the invisible hiding thingy

Anyway without too much more chatter – may I introduce to you my…….

Marvelous Minkee Birthday Bunny mmmmmmmmmmm Minky garggggggghhhhhhh (that’s my homer simpson drool word 😀 )

minky bunny piccy

minky bunny standing

minky bunny sideon

I now have been asked (ok told) by Izzy that she needs a purple one (her fabric of choice – my huckleberry gelato minky – oh well it’s just fabric and I guess I just thought it would never be cut into and just admired from afar hehe) oh and of course Em wants a green one (and for a child who doesn’t speak she sounds remarkably like Izzy 😉 )

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Shave for a Cure

Here is a pic of the Beautiful Bald Mrs Bird after her Fundraising Shave today – wearing the calorimetry – such a pretty head 🙂

bald mrs bird

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Sisterly Love

Don’t you just love it when siblings get along. Normally they are at each other but every now and again they show such love towards each other that it makes my heart swell, and those wet eyes start a happening 🙂

sistery love

iz and em - sisterly love

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Holy Smokes – 2 posts in a week

hehe – thought I’d update you all with what I have done this week 🙂

Today I went out to support my friend in having her head shaved for charity – Cancer Research. She done an amazing selfless thing and managed to raise over $600 for shaving her lovely locks. So I thought she needed something for her new hairdo 🙂

I gave her the calorimetry from below (and maybe if I ask nicely she will let me post a pic of her modelling it hehe) and I have been busy knitting her the dream swatch head scarf out of Stella Bamboo in Lavender (does anyone know how to do those fancy schmancy link thingies??)

Anyway here is a pic of the head scarf – it looks grey but it is lavender hehe Mrs Birds Dreamswatch headscarfdreamswatch headscarf

And inspired by Neak and Casper I made some stitch and row markers for myself – I turned them into a keyring so I wouldn’t lose them and have them handy at all times. They aren’t as professional as those lovely ladies ones but they do the trick and were fun to make 🙂


My first piece of crochet – I actually made this a couple of weeks ago but it went walkies so I couldn’t take a pic. Anyway it’s here now and made from peaches and creme cotton – ummm bubblegum or gumdrops – can’t remember but some sort of lolly 🙂 – it’s all wonky but it’s a dishcloth so who cares. I must admit that I don’t know what I done so I can’t do another one – doh.

crochet dishcloth - 1st try

Another Hat using Gabe’s Earflap hat pattern (donations go to child cancer research) – this one is in Fuschia Pink Merino by Naturally yarns and modelled by miss Izzy. It’s for a friend 🙂 once again I need to do the ties – whoopsy.

gabes' earflap hat pattern fuschia

And I’m working away on Em’s pinwheelBendigo woollen mills yarn – here’s an update pic – just sleeves to go.

Em's pinwheel progress pic

and don’t you love it when something you make can be used by more than 1 child. Here’s a pic of Em wearing the outfit I made for Izzy (look down the page a bit for Izzy’s pic)

Em - lady bird outfitEm - lady bird outfit backview

hmmm that’s about all from me 🙂 hope you enjoyed looking 🙂

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I’m Baaaaacckk

So I’ve had a gentle reminder – I have been slack – I apologise. I’ve been without a camera so my posts would have been very boring.

So what have I been up to??

I made a Pinwheel sweater for Izzy but it turned out too small through the shoulders (girl is built like mama) so I gave it away to my friend Amy (

Here is a pic anyway 🙂 It is a real quick knit until you get to the garter stitch – then it is very boring. Knitted with Elann Peruvian Highland wool – quite soft 🙂

Purple passion pinwheel full viewpurple passion pinwheel - colour

A perdita wristlet – this is for a gift for someone if I ever get off my butt and figure the crochet so I can send it to them – it is made from Cleckheaton bamboo with a few glass beads knitted in  🙂


A Wee soaker for an online friends nappy stash – Punk Knitters pattern with a longer rise so that bubs will get more use of it. Made with Cleckheaton Naturals in a sagey green – legs are knitted with supersoft 10ply Merino in double rib.

Folded down for new born

Nads PK Soaker

Waist unfolded for larger bub 🙂

Punk knitters soaker larger size

Calorimetry headband in Bright Pink Naturally Yarns Merino


And some sewing too – A summery Dress for Izzy

Izzy summer dressIzzy summer dress 2

A tinkerbell PUL Pocket Nappy for an online friend in the US 🙂 using Ditto’s osfm pattern

dittos osfm tink pocket


Home Made Hot Cross Buns mmmmmmmmmm

DH doesn’t like peel so I soaked the fruit in the juice of a squeezed orange – Yummo – I won’t ever use peel again 🙂

Hot X Buns

I’ve done more but as I said I’ve not had a camera – I’ll get on top of it and get more pics.

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My little model

awwwwww Em is Famous – well not quite 😉 But she is still gorgeous. My friend Amy has just launched her website for a new pocket nappy ( that she has been designing for the past year. I met her through Mainly Music and we bonded over cloth nappies lol. WTG Amy it looks fantastic – all the best for a successful Nappy Career 😀 

Anyway we have been trialling the nappy for her and Em got to play model for a day 🙂 she’s on the homepage so take a looksie 😀

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Getting Slack – but I have been busy

Whoopsy – so I forgot my password and then had trouble resetting it (blonde moment ) but I’m all set again.

So what have I been up to……….

Knitting –

I’ve finished my Fairy swaps (well one the other one needs finishing touches which are turning out far more annoying than the actual main part)

I don’t think she reads my blog so I think I’m safe to post 🙂


hand dyed wool – Cleckheaton country Naturals – that is what the black spots are in it. Now I don’t know how to do those fancy links but the pattern is Twinkletoes and is found on knitty.

What else….

I’ve just finished testing a knitting pattern for Gabes which she is hoping to have available for sale soon with money going towards childcancer research – WTG Gabes 🙂 I used the wool that I hand dyed in a previous post 🙂

Izzy didn’t want to play model as she was too busy imitating Dad with her eyes glued to the box

 chemo cap 1sweet p hat 2

And a pic of Em as she was a more willing model today

em hat

and also some sewing……

A few tutus for Bumbles shop – this one is watermelon 🙂

em watermelon tutu

A 70’s Retro Dress made from fabric from the clearance table at spotlight $2/m – bargain 😉 – the pattern is based on a pillowcase dress, but with some shirring and ruffles added. I love it and so does Izzy 🙂 I might try and figure out how to make myself one lol.

brown dress twobrown dress

Another Tutu – Inspired by Disneys Monsters inc 🙂 – this one is for a friends DD which was part of a swap (she got one of my original trial tutus before I got these ones perfected so this is a nicer version … I still feel sorry for the people who tried my first ones as these ones are 100x nicer – I’m sure the quality of the tulle has made all the difference 🙂

sj sullivansssss

Gorgeous Gifts 

And not only have we been gifting but we have also received some gorgeous gifts

A beautiful Bolero/Shrug for Em knitted by Tentacles on TNN 🙂 as part of the Knitting Fairy Swap


And Miss Em playing the Diva 

 diva pose did

Some Gorgeous dishcloths knitted by Mel from also part of the Knitting Fairy Swap

dishcloths from mel

and a gorgeous hat for Izzy from Sable  ( ) yet again from the TNN knitting fairy swap

izzy sable hat

Thank you Fairies – we feel sooooo special 🙂

 On my list this week…..

A disney themed nappy (or diaper I guess) for a person I met on a disney sewing nutters Forum…. Yes I have a problem.

The finishing touches on the other fairy gift

And I’ve got some ideas to try out to extend my….well I guess product range for Frou Frou Tutus 😉

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Woohoo welcome back broadband :)

I’ve forgotten how much I love broadband – it wasn’t until last week when DH had used all my speed (ggggrrrrrrr) downloading his  game patches that I realised how far technology has come… also how reliant I am on it.

Anyway I’m back…..

So on my needles at present (so much for only doing one project at a time *sigh* I have 2 swapsie pressies for gals on TNN that I won’t show pics of atm. The halter is going to take more sussing out so I think I’ll leave that for a wee bit to get it perfect. But I found a cutesie pattern for a toy and I’m adding my own touches to it 🙂 however that was actually almost finished before the Izzy monster came and decided she wanted to knit and removed my dpn’s and unravelled all but 15 rows :(, I’m about 2 3rds of the way through again but I’m running out of time *arrrgghhh*  The other person wanted socks but once again I found something that was sort of socks but not quite 😉

I’m  also getting ready to cast on for my pinwheel sweater for Em 🙂  – I’m a big chicken and I’ve had the wool sitting there for months – so hopefully that will be done in time for winter.

 Out of the primary hand dyed wool below I am knitting this for Izzy I think haven’t decided yet lol

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Summer Halter Prototype – I invented stuff

So I decided to take part in a knitting one skein swap on TNN, I knew what I wanted but couldn’t find the right pattern so I attempted to make something by my lonesome. (So I guess my giftee will know who made it but if they like it I don’t mind 🙂 Hopefully their one will be nicer with all the kinks ironed out.)

Here are the results…….

proto1pro5 unwornpro3 frontproto1pro2

I’m not entirely happy with it – the decreasing to the bib top part is too balloony so I’m doing my 2nd attempt now and I’m going to start from the top. I added the ribbon but is meant to be an i-cord, I just couldn’t be bothered today but it’s for em anyway. It is a little bit too small I was going to pick up the bottome stitches in a contrasting colour and add a ruffle or picot hem but this is fine for now. If anyone is interested – once I’ve finished I’ll post directions on how to do it (not really a pattern as I don’t know how to right a pattern and once you have the directions it’s easy. No seaming required ;). Or if you are on Ravelry – you can see my ramblings and workings on there – I’m Flea- come say hi 😀

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Going Places

Wow, it didn’t take Em long to start walking once she took those first few steps.

 “baby there ain’t no stopping you now” 😀



and again

done it

Well guess what??? DH is actually part way through wallpapering my dining room. The last room in the house left to be wallpapered. It’s only taken 2 years :). Now left to do is the seratone (sp??) in the wet areas and kitchen and we can almost call the inside done :).

And also we have finally made the decision not to go to Aussie just yet. We thought that we would give ourselves 6mths to see how things turned out and if there was no improvement and we still had itchy feet then we would go. I’m kinda relieved. I don’t do hot very well (I’m struggling atm with the weather) so imagine what I’d be like over there.

Though when it’s hot an iceblock/cream is in order……….and what a photo op 😉


and this pic is just because I can….

funny face

might keep it aside for her 21st 

YAY So I can concentrate on my garden now that I know that I’m going to see the results (taste the results more like it :D). I’ve got loads of ideas so I’m hoping I’ll get my bum into gear soon enough to get it all done (it needs quick a few kicks to get started).. The plan is to make an edible ornamental garden – a private, quiet, adult area – seeing as the kids have an almost playground in the back yard. Should be fun 🙂

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Todye – I mean Today

So today I escaped the confines of my house – the reason was so DH could make a start on the last tiny wall’s wallpapering. Hmmm well let’s just say DH found other things that he thought was more important :S grrrrrr. At least he sanded it.

He did however move Miss Em from our room into her sisters room – lets see how that goes (it’s quiet atm).

 Anyway so I went visiting a friend and we had a fantastic time dyeing up a storm and messing up her kitchen 🙂

Hanging on my line I have 100g of once natural/browny coloured wool which is now a brightly coloured rainbow

skein dye

rainboow wool 

Now what to knit hmmmmmmmm………………………………………….

 Suggestions more than welcome 😀

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My big girl is growing up 😦 She is the big 3 today (now someone did warn me about threenagers 😉 )

Here is my girl 3 years ago – about 4 hours old

Newborn Izzy

and past birthdays

 Izzy's first birthdayizzy's 2nd birthday


And this year we are trying to do handmade/homemade gifts.

so here is Izzy’s handmade gifties

A new spa worthy dressing gown – (yes my girls share my disney obsession).

gown 2Dressing gown

Some yummy knitted food (thank you Nanny Di – who has decided that food is a good thing to knit).

knitted food

A new apron with butterflies – she’s just gonna help me make her cake.

apronapron reverse

And this afternoon we are setting up her very own garden for her playhouse 🙂 –

And she also got a beautiful dolly sling from Abbe of as part of a swap through TNN (fantastic ladies they are). So I’ve kept to the handmade/homemade gifts WOOHOO

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hmmmm need some driving lessons

I guess I need some lessons on how to drive this wordpress thing. Not sure how to add pics – it didn’t work so I just linked to it. Ah well gives me something to work on 🙂

 AHA worked it out – needed to resize my pics lol.

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Hot off the needles

Shorties using Picky Pants Pattern. The wool was Hand dyed by me using Americolor Cake Gel (really fun).

 Picky Pants - Hand Dyed

 These will be sent to a lady in Dunedin who’s just had a wee girl who needed heart surgery. Hopefully it won’t be long until she grows into them 🙂

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Current Projects :)

Dishcloth – pattern to be decided – I was doing , but it didn’t suit the cotton I had so it was frogged.

Soaker – punk knitters pattern (cast on already)

NB longies for a swap

A summer cotton top for another swap – prototype almost finished – I know what I need to change though so can probably start on the real thing now.

A pair of socks for another swap (swaps are what make me actually complete stuff you see).

Hand dye some wool

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New Year – New Me (hmmm we’ll see)

So it’s a new year – OMG 2008 already. Anyway as tradition goes – some New Year Resolutions have been made.

1. Finish a project everyweek (I’ve joined a knit a dishcloth a week group so we’ll see how that quickly I fall off the wagon).

2. Eat Healthier – less takeaways, pre packaged foods etc (oh and less coca cola *whoops*)

3. Get that Garden of mine producing something edible and while I’m at it plant fruit trees

4. Try to use my Yarn and Fabric stash before buying more.

5. No unnecessary spending (we have a big trip ahead of us next year so need to keep the pennies in the bank).

6. Do homemade or handmade gifts (can swap etc to get them).

7. Less internet (so far so good).

That’s about it. hmmmm so far doesn’t look to hard (well the fabric and yarn looks hard but the rest looks ok). I’ll report back at the end of the year to see how well I’ve done.

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So it seems everyone has one of these blogs, so it’s about time I had one too (me with my keep up with the jones’ tendancies).

So about me…. I am a novice crafter – training wheels most definitely still attached :). I can somewhat knit, and somewhat sew – and all this learnt in the passed year thanks to some lovely ladies on

 I have 2 gorgeous girls who are my inspiration for everything that I do. I love cloth nappies and have a vast collection. Far more nappies than I could possibly really need lol.

Anyway this is to show some of my crafty stuff and just general family stuff, though don’t expect anything too flash – because – well – it’s me 🙂