Posted by: knewbieknitter | January 7, 2008


My big girl is growing up 😦 She is the big 3 today (now someone did warn me about threenagers 😉 )

Here is my girl 3 years ago – about 4 hours old

Newborn Izzy

and past birthdays

 Izzy's first birthdayizzy's 2nd birthday


And this year we are trying to do handmade/homemade gifts.

so here is Izzy’s handmade gifties

A new spa worthy dressing gown – (yes my girls share my disney obsession).

gown 2Dressing gown

Some yummy knitted food (thank you Nanny Di – who has decided that food is a good thing to knit).

knitted food

A new apron with butterflies – she’s just gonna help me make her cake.

apronapron reverse

And this afternoon we are setting up her very own garden for her playhouse 🙂 –

And she also got a beautiful dolly sling from Abbe of as part of a swap through TNN (fantastic ladies they are). So I’ve kept to the handmade/homemade gifts WOOHOO



  1. WOW well done!!!

    That knitted food looks yummy!!!

  2. your baby is BEAUTIFUL! Love that red hair!
    And I love your sewing projects too.

  3. Happy Birthday Izzy! And well done Mummy & Nanny – those gifts are just fabulous!

  4. hey chick, just popped in from *craft fetish*
    LOVE the new pressies, especially the spa gown!!!
    kate in The Sunny Bay X

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