Posted by: knewbieknitter | January 11, 2008

Going Places

Wow, it didn’t take Em long to start walking once she took those first few steps.

 “baby there ain’t no stopping you now” 😀



and again

done it

Well guess what??? DH is actually part way through wallpapering my dining room. The last room in the house left to be wallpapered. It’s only taken 2 years :). Now left to do is the seratone (sp??) in the wet areas and kitchen and we can almost call the inside done :).

And also we have finally made the decision not to go to Aussie just yet. We thought that we would give ourselves 6mths to see how things turned out and if there was no improvement and we still had itchy feet then we would go. I’m kinda relieved. I don’t do hot very well (I’m struggling atm with the weather) so imagine what I’d be like over there.

Though when it’s hot an iceblock/cream is in order……….and what a photo op 😉


and this pic is just because I can….

funny face

might keep it aside for her 21st 

YAY So I can concentrate on my garden now that I know that I’m going to see the results (taste the results more like it :D). I’ve got loads of ideas so I’m hoping I’ll get my bum into gear soon enough to get it all done (it needs quick a few kicks to get started).. The plan is to make an edible ornamental garden – a private, quiet, adult area – seeing as the kids have an almost playground in the back yard. Should be fun 🙂


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