Posted by: knewbieknitter | January 20, 2008

Woohoo welcome back broadband :)

I’ve forgotten how much I love broadband – it wasn’t until last week when DH had used all my speed (ggggrrrrrrr) downloading his  game patches that I realised how far technology has come… also how reliant I am on it.

Anyway I’m back…..

So on my needles at present (so much for only doing one project at a time *sigh* I have 2 swapsie pressies for gals on TNN that I won’t show pics of atm. The halter is going to take more sussing out so I think I’ll leave that for a wee bit to get it perfect. But I found a cutesie pattern for a toy and I’m adding my own touches to it 🙂 however that was actually almost finished before the Izzy monster came and decided she wanted to knit and removed my dpn’s and unravelled all but 15 rows :(, I’m about 2 3rds of the way through again but I’m running out of time *arrrgghhh*  The other person wanted socks but once again I found something that was sort of socks but not quite 😉

I’m  also getting ready to cast on for my pinwheel sweater for Em 🙂  – I’m a big chicken and I’ve had the wool sitting there for months – so hopefully that will be done in time for winter.

 Out of the primary hand dyed wool below I am knitting this for Izzy I think haven’t decided yet lol


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