Posted by: knewbieknitter | February 3, 2008

Getting Slack – but I have been busy

Whoopsy – so I forgot my password and then had trouble resetting it (blonde moment ) but I’m all set again.

So what have I been up to……….

Knitting –

I’ve finished my Fairy swaps (well one the other one needs finishing touches which are turning out far more annoying than the actual main part)

I don’t think she reads my blog so I think I’m safe to post 🙂


hand dyed wool – Cleckheaton country Naturals – that is what the black spots are in it. Now I don’t know how to do those fancy links but the pattern is Twinkletoes and is found on knitty.

What else….

I’ve just finished testing a knitting pattern for Gabes which she is hoping to have available for sale soon with money going towards childcancer research – WTG Gabes 🙂 I used the wool that I hand dyed in a previous post 🙂

Izzy didn’t want to play model as she was too busy imitating Dad with her eyes glued to the box

 chemo cap 1sweet p hat 2

And a pic of Em as she was a more willing model today

em hat

and also some sewing……

A few tutus for Bumbles shop – this one is watermelon 🙂

em watermelon tutu

A 70’s Retro Dress made from fabric from the clearance table at spotlight $2/m – bargain 😉 – the pattern is based on a pillowcase dress, but with some shirring and ruffles added. I love it and so does Izzy 🙂 I might try and figure out how to make myself one lol.

brown dress twobrown dress

Another Tutu – Inspired by Disneys Monsters inc 🙂 – this one is for a friends DD which was part of a swap (she got one of my original trial tutus before I got these ones perfected so this is a nicer version … I still feel sorry for the people who tried my first ones as these ones are 100x nicer – I’m sure the quality of the tulle has made all the difference 🙂

sj sullivansssss

Gorgeous Gifts 

And not only have we been gifting but we have also received some gorgeous gifts

A beautiful Bolero/Shrug for Em knitted by Tentacles on TNN 🙂 as part of the Knitting Fairy Swap


And Miss Em playing the Diva 

 diva pose did

Some Gorgeous dishcloths knitted by Mel from also part of the Knitting Fairy Swap

dishcloths from mel

and a gorgeous hat for Izzy from Sable  ( ) yet again from the TNN knitting fairy swap

izzy sable hat

Thank you Fairies – we feel sooooo special 🙂

 On my list this week…..

A disney themed nappy (or diaper I guess) for a person I met on a disney sewing nutters Forum…. Yes I have a problem.

The finishing touches on the other fairy gift

And I’ve got some ideas to try out to extend my….well I guess product range for Frou Frou Tutus 😉


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