Posted by: knewbieknitter | April 6, 2008

I’m Baaaaacckk

So I’ve had a gentle reminder – I have been slack – I apologise. I’ve been without a camera so my posts would have been very boring.

So what have I been up to??

I made a Pinwheel sweater for Izzy but it turned out too small through the shoulders (girl is built like mama) so I gave it away to my friend Amy (

Here is a pic anyway 🙂 It is a real quick knit until you get to the garter stitch – then it is very boring. Knitted with Elann Peruvian Highland wool – quite soft 🙂

Purple passion pinwheel full viewpurple passion pinwheel - colour

A perdita wristlet – this is for a gift for someone if I ever get off my butt and figure the crochet so I can send it to them – it is made from Cleckheaton bamboo with a few glass beads knitted in  🙂


A Wee soaker for an online friends nappy stash – Punk Knitters pattern with a longer rise so that bubs will get more use of it. Made with Cleckheaton Naturals in a sagey green – legs are knitted with supersoft 10ply Merino in double rib.

Folded down for new born

Nads PK Soaker

Waist unfolded for larger bub 🙂

Punk knitters soaker larger size

Calorimetry headband in Bright Pink Naturally Yarns Merino


And some sewing too – A summery Dress for Izzy

Izzy summer dressIzzy summer dress 2

A tinkerbell PUL Pocket Nappy for an online friend in the US 🙂 using Ditto’s osfm pattern

dittos osfm tink pocket


Home Made Hot Cross Buns mmmmmmmmmm

DH doesn’t like peel so I soaked the fruit in the juice of a squeezed orange – Yummo – I won’t ever use peel again 🙂

Hot X Buns

I’ve done more but as I said I’ve not had a camera – I’ll get on top of it and get more pics.



  1. ‘Welcome back’ to posting! 😉 It all looks fab L!!!

  2. That is the cutest little girl dress what is the pattern you used?

  3. Thanks Sabrina – it wasn’t from a pattern 😉 if I get time I’ll do a tutorial 😀 basically it’s a full circle type skirt with a half shirred top.

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