Posted by: knewbieknitter | May 4, 2008

A space for me – in progress

I’m so excited to have my own wee sanctuary – well sanctuary to be 😀

Since my sister moved out a couple of weeks ago our smallest bedroom has been slowly turned into my CraftHaven (or maybe that should be heaven 😉 )

It still needs “prettifying” but for the moment it’s serving it’s purpose – a place for me to escape and practice my craftiness stuff and regain some sanity (oh and chat with my cyber buddies 😀 )

So here are some progress pics

The view from my door – the cube shelving was a bargain on Trademe for $13.00 for lots and lots (enough for the girls room too) It holds my minky, my 8ply wool, my 4ply wool, my microfleece (for nappies), sewing threads, patterns, books, ribbons, zips etc.

Also once my fabric is washed I hang it on a hanger and just put it on the side so I know I don’t need to rewash it again

sewing room

My fabric display – a recycled Towel rack from a Massagey spa place – it is fantastic – I’m a serious Fabric Junkie (and have snobbish tendancies) so this way I can display all my favourites – Michael Miller, Amy Butler, Joel Dewberry to name a few.

It serves 2 purposes – a pretty and bright display for my room and also means I can see what I have (well some of what I have the others are still put away) and grab it easily to use.

Fabric Display Rack

More storage – my wardrobe with more cubes – stores my cottons and other random bits and pieces (snaps and electronic stuff and beads that I don’t want the girlies to get into) and also a couple of plastic drawers – holds yet more yarn and nappy making supplies (and my snap press and spare overlocker on top)

wardrobe storage plasticy drawer storagey thingys

there isn’t a picture of my lovely sewing cabinet yet (because atm it’s covered in craftiness and you really don’t want to see that) but here is a before pic from when it lived in my lounge 🙂

Folded away – broom there for size comparison 😉 oh and yes mirror did get cleaned shortly after haha

closed cabinet

unfolded and being inspected by Em

unfolded horn



  1. wow that is awesome! i love the fabric rack! 🙂

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