Posted by: knewbieknitter | May 4, 2008

Marvelous Minkee Birthday Bunny

OMG I think that minkee (or minky) must be one of the most gorgeous feeling fabrics around – I’m more of a natural fibres gal but I make an exception when it comes to this gorgeous pile of fluffiness 😀

It was a friends DD birthday party today and I let Miss Izzy choose the gift for mama to make – She chose a bunny.

Hmmmmmm how do I make a bunny??

I asked her are you sure she wouldn’t want a bear or a dress or something that a pattern is easily accessible for??

No mum – she WANTS A BUNNY 😕

ok missy lets see what I can do.

There are lots of bunny patterns online btw – but I struggled to find what I wanted -until a few hours later that is where I found this one  -( it’s about halfway down the page )

It took a nappy cut of minky plus a few extra bits (for those that aren’t a nappy nutter like myself that is about 50cmx50cm approx) I could have squeezed it all out of a cut had I been bothered to fiddle with the pattern pieces.

Minkee of choice for this project- Minky Dots – baby pink with contrast of baby blue 🙂 Minky dots is now available at Spotlight in NZ yay – and I think it is around $12.99/m – though unfortunately for me I paid alot more and bought it from the US ages ago. Sometimes I guess it pays to be patient 😕 but then patience was never one of my strong points.

Time of project – about 3ish hours in total – though I did it in parts.

Things to improve – embroidery (I really need some help on that) and the closing up stitching – what do you call it – you know the invisible hiding thingy

Anyway without too much more chatter – may I introduce to you my…….

Marvelous Minkee Birthday Bunny mmmmmmmmmmm Minky garggggggghhhhhhh (that’s my homer simpson drool word 😀 )

minky bunny piccy

minky bunny standing

minky bunny sideon

I now have been asked (ok told) by Izzy that she needs a purple one (her fabric of choice – my huckleberry gelato minky – oh well it’s just fabric and I guess I just thought it would never be cut into and just admired from afar hehe) oh and of course Em wants a green one (and for a child who doesn’t speak she sounds remarkably like Izzy 😉 )



  1. OMG that bunny is TOO cute!!

    Love the pinwheel too, very clever and gorgey colours.

    You clever thing.

    And lookie me leavign comments 🙂

  2. Hehe I fixed it – and did you see i have fancy dancy links too 🙂 I’m learning the ropes now 🙂

  3. very cute!
    it would last 5 minutes in my house before a cat started drooling and trying to sleep on it – I bought the girls minkee robes last winter and the cats went wild with delight.

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