Posted by: knewbieknitter | May 4, 2008

Pinwheel Madness

I love this pattern

This is my 2nd Pinwheel – I made some adjustments this time as my first one (knit to gauge using wool specified etc) turned out too small for my broad shouldered wee miss

First of all I used BWM Aran yarn – colours Seamist, Lavendar and Magnolia from Bendigo Woollen Mills it’s not as soft as the Peruvian Highland Wool I used last time but it’s not bad

I adjusted my tension slightly by using 5mm needles

I placed the provisional cast on for the sleeve about 8 rows further than the pattern suggested to get the right width in the back for Izzy

I also done a few more rounds (not too sure exactly how many – until I got bored)

The worst part of this pattern is the garter stitch – it just goes on forever – but I do like this one more than my first – the garter fits in perfectly. Oh and I didn’t do the loopy edge (as it’s not to my taste)

Finished work 🙂

Em's pinwheel

and of course – here it is being modeled by the lovely miss Em 😀 all snuggled up with a book (doesn’t it look cosy??)

Em Pinwheel

Em Pinwheel 2



  1. Beautiful sweater and little princess:)

  2. Lufly, looks much nicer without the loopy edge IMO.

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