Posted by: knewbieknitter | May 7, 2008

Pimp My Longies longies

More knitting – this time I wanted to try out the Pimp My Longies Pattern of Jenny’s after seeing so many lovely knitted pants coming from the ladies on TNN 


Em’s Tropicana Pimp My Longies longies

no elastic in the waist yet (I’ll get to it eventually)

Size made XL – 18mth size

Wool Used:

Utiku Tropicana – about 150ish grams

Tekapo Yellow for cuffs               


PML Tropicana Longies


My favourite part was the gusset – the way she done it is fantastic and there are no holes to sew up later – something that frustrated me with my picky pants pattern (probably because I’m not doing it right on the Picky pants one hehe)

 PML Gusset


I think she is adding some measurements to it which will make it easier for newer knitters or those without babies yet to use.

Overall a great pattern – I’ve already got another pair on the needles already




  1. No, you’re not doing anything wrong on the PP pattern, it just turns out like that. But Jenny’s technique is simply fabulous!

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