Posted by: knewbieknitter | May 7, 2008

Soaker Tester

A friend of mine has been playing with the idea of a totally seamless, graftless soaker pattern. I volunteered my services to help her test out the pattern (which when ready will be available on Ravelry and through Sweet-P’s Blog )

The Vanilla Knitter Soaker

The Vanilla Knitter Soaker 

It’s a very cute nb soaker with a nifty button to make an umbilical scoop (no rubbing on those cord stumps) and ribbing through the crotch (nice and stretchy to cover those cloth nappies) and it’s soooo tiny – I forget how small nb’s are with my 2 big girls running around causing havoc and mayhem everywhere lol

It uses a provisional caston which I’m not expert at but from recommendation of a more experienced knitter on TNN I used  this one 

The wool used is Naturally Yarns Merino Fine in 10ply in a fuschia pink (prettier irl than in the pic) and white and is absolutely gorgeous to knit – it’s so soft and squishy 😀 and I’ve added a pink heart button I found in my stash

I think I might gift this one on seeing as there are no more babies to be had in this house hehe so hopefully the person likes it 😀


I’ll let everyone know when the pattern is available for you all to try and love 😀



  1. awwww too too cute!

  2. Gorgeous. I must get on with mine

  3. I can’t wait to try it myself. (Make it before Sept please?)
    It looks wonderful.

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