Posted by: knewbieknitter | May 16, 2008

Fabric Addiction

A couple of nights ago I posted a thread on TNN about fabric addiction, How much fabric is too much??

After counting out what fabric is due to arrive to me from various places in the next month or so I got a total of somewhere over 70yds -eeeeek what went wrong.

Here is my post from TNN

What is your level of addiction?? Can you pass a fabric store without taking a quick peak?? or do the words SALE make you buy bolts of fabric lol??Did you buy you fabric with plans or just because you like it??

ok….. I’ll start….

I have what I consider a serious fabric addiction – I have been sewing for just over a year

I’ve just done a total of the fabrics that I have due to arrive and off the top of my head it is over 70yds somehow this is to fit in with the maybe 60 yds of quilting fabs I already have.

I buy all my fabrics with projects in mind….. but then I start something else and I feel like I’m just not going to do the fabric justice – it is far too pretty and perfect to be sewn by a novice like me – so it goes back on display so I can just look and touch.

I don’t put my fabrics in a box as it is a visual and tactile thing for me – I love the looks, the feel and the smell of the fabric.

How do you hide 70yds of fabric from your husband??

at least some of the fabric on order can be easily converted (hopefully) into projects as they are for furnishings (curtains, quilts, duvets, cushions, chair covers) for the girls room.

My next question?? How do you stay motivated?? Everyone churns out masses of beautiful stuff – while I still sit here and procrastinate about the perfect project. Maybe I need to give up one hobby and concentrate on the one that is taking the most space (so give up the wool and concentrate on the fabric)

I need a plan of attack to get my stash sewn up – my past attempts at stash reduction has failed miserably (and actually I own almost 3x the amount i started off with).

Please help me


Hopeless Hoarder

Luckily for me – TNN is a place where I never feel like an outcast lol and I’ve had lots of support – we have started a wee challenge to complete a project each week, not in the trying to reduce our stash but more as a motivational journey – hopefully over time the stash depletion will come naturally 😀



  1. oh chook – you’re so naughty!

  2. I know and I can blame you – well sort of – you did introduce me to sewing and fabrics and wool and cloth nappies – actually I have you to blame for most things hehe. Just kidding – I’d not have it any other way now 😀

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