Posted by: knewbieknitter | May 23, 2008

Darn Winter bugs…

Well the bug season seems to be well and truely underway in our house. Em seems to catch every wee thing going around {{SIGH}} I think with Izzy being a big kindy girl now she brings extra germies home with her.

Anyway after a bad night and a few bed changes Em McSpewy was without her safety sleep – she won’t sleep in the big bed without it 😕 -So I had to quickly do some sewing – and make something that would help.

So here is Em’s safety wrap – I made it out of clearance unlined curtain fabric (100% cotton) at $2/m = 3m used in total. It’s a bit thicker than my dress fabrics but still soft enough for a bed.

I made it quite wide so if she was sick again I could just change the wrap and not the sheets and everything too.

Bed Wrap

If anyone wants instructions – just ask and I’ll type them up – I’m actually going to make another one as DH loves them more than the safety sleep as he doesn’t like velcro (and this snaps close).


Measure the mattress width and height and multiply x 2 (my mattress is 90cm wide and 20cm deep)

Add 25cm for seam allowance etc and fold over – I think I added 30 because I miscounted – it’s not an exact science so don’t worry hehe

I just used the selvedge to selvedge as the width I wanted it so about 112cm – I didn’t bother hemming as I needed it quickly but it’s completely up to you 🙂

Fold over 2cm at each end and press then fold over again 5cm so the 2cm piece is inside the hem.

Sew down the hem

Place snaps at about a 10cm interval along the hem – if you get it where there is an extra layer you shouldn’t have to reinforce

for the wrap around the tummy part – measure from armpit of child to hip (if this is how wide you want it to be) then double – this is the width.

For the length of the wrap  make it about twice as wide as the childs chest measurement (keep in mind mine was made for a toddler not sure if it will work for a younger bubba)

Cut fabric – fold in half right sides facing (oh this is for the width) and sew down.  Turn in right way and hem the ends.

Find the centre of the bed wrap and pin the top wrap to the bottom wrap (have I lost you yet hehe)

Sew down securely – I made a box with a cross in on mine – box was about 10cm wide by the width of the top wrap.

Snap the top wrap where you like so it fits snuggly around your bubba- or use velcro

Once again this is quick but as soon as I get all my real measurements I’ll put them up.

Hopefully this will do in the meantime – any questions just ask 😀



  1. Hope shes all better now!! WInter sux eh! Love what you did with the wrap

  2. Yes please. Cam loves to stick his fingers down his throat sometimes instead of having an afternoon sleep. Pukey Safety sleep 😦 Grrr. He will sleep without it at night, but not in the daytime. Look forward to seeing your instructions and hope all is well again at your place 🙂

  3. Yes please

  4. ok it looks like I’ll need to get my bum into gear and get this written up 😀

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