Posted by: knewbieknitter | July 28, 2008

MidWinter Secret Santa

A couple of months ago a few members of the forum TNN joined in on a Mid Winter Secret Santa. It is now time that the presents are due to be received 🙂

I played with lots of ideas for my Santee but I felt bad about the amateurish stuff. I finally settled on an idea and got to work.

For the baby (she is due to make an appearance shortly) I made the cutest teenciest wee booties using this pattern. Are newborns feet really that small?? surely not. Both booties fit into the palm of my hand 🙂 . They are knitted in Cleckheaton Coccoon – an absolutely beautiful soft yarn. I really enjoyed knitting it. I like that the pink isn’t a baby pink, a bit more melony, which gave me the idea to add the limey green – there you go, Watermelon booties.

And a girl always needs to match. So for the top, this cute wee hat. It reminds me very much of a 1920’s style hat.

The wee flower was knitted using this pattern and 4ply on 3.25mm needles

Mama also requested some cloth wipes so I made a few of those up to 🙂

For Miss 2 and a bit – I really wanted to make her a hat, but I’m not the fastest knitter so I thought I would attempt to sew an outfit for her. I haven’t sewn outfits for anyone else apart from my girls (apart from tutus but that is just very basic sewing) so it was a bit daunting. I know that miss 2’s mum is a great sewer so I hope the outfit is up to standard.

A raglan hoodie – size 3 with length added. I did this on purpose so that she could get lots of wear out of it (hopefully next year) I love the pink and yellow combo. And I’ve seen a picture of the recipient wearing it and I think the colour really suits her.

The pants are meant to be tights – but I made them larger – size 3-4 so that once again she could grow into them. They are loose – like a trackpant, at the moment, but as she grows they should still look ok 🙂

(can you tell I’m the mum of 2 girls, I always try to make stuff that both girls can wear and get lots of use out of )

I am pleased to say that everything for this outfit came from my stash 🙂 woohoo stash reduction. The top is microfleece and the bottoms are a cotton knit pumpkin patch fabric which I scored from a fabric outlet shop 😉

My Izzy decided she wanted to make a present too, so we got out her beads (she’s very into patterns atm) and we put together a wee bracelet. I helped with the letters and the knots and she put the beads in sequence. It was lovely working together as a team. I used the bracelet as the nametag for the gift.

Miss Em also got to choose something to put in so I took her to the shop and let her chose a gift. She chose a blues clues book. I’m sure she thought it was for her as she walked around the shop shouting “DOG” “BIG DOG” (oh btw did I tell you??? EM CAN TALK yay finally – after having absolutely no speech at 19mths she’s actually talking 🙂 – I’m so proud of her)

For Mama – I knitted a hat, it’s the better bucket hat knitted using mods by solaris on ravelry – which gives a flarier (is that a word – I think not) brim. I chose this pattern as it also sort of reminded me of a 1920’s style hat and I wanted the present to match in with bubba. I made a larger version of the knitted flower. The wool I’ve used is Naturally yarns – Merino et Soie (merino and silk) in a gorgeous jewel-like purple colour, the flower is Merino Fine by the same company and sadly is no longer available which is a shame as I have to say it is one of the most beautiful yarns you could knit. Soft and springy and gorgeous.

Unfortunately the recipient says it’s slightly too big – whoops – I used my head as measurements so maybe my head is larger than I thought 😦 It is actually meant to be slightly larger – the brim falls to eye level and the back slopes down.

Now this is where I confess my slowness – I had intended to knit a matching scarf, neckwarmer (which I might still do since the hat doesn’t fit) but I ran out of time. Gifts had to be sent by last week. Actually I might start on it after I post this. I am slow so might take me a month hehe.

Mama is also a knitter so I made a couple of stitchmarkers for her knitting.

I really do hope they enjoy their presents. I apologise that it’s not really what you asked for but I got carried away with so many ideas.



  1. Gorgeous stuff, babe! I’m looking forward to seeing the teeny baby stuff modeled by the wee girl very soon;-)

  2. I think you did a fab job of your swap pressies! I’ve done two “A better bucket”s now, and I wish I had done the Solaris mods to them – makes it a much better looking hat 🙂

  3. Thanks ladies – Sharon I’m looking forward to a piccy of the wee bubba modelling them 🙂

    Kelly – I love the Solaris mods – it gives it that vintage look. And I LOVE vintage stuff :). I’m really old fashioned at heart hehe

  4. THey are all so gorgeous. I am sure she was thrilled with them

  5. I really like those little booties they are so cute, all of your crafty efforts look great. What exciting looking parcels too.

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