Posted by: knewbieknitter | August 13, 2008

Leaving on a Jet Plane…..

But now I’m all back home again 😀


This past weekend I was lucky enough to spend the weekend with the darling Sweetp and her family in Christchurch.

We had a fantastic weekend – knitting, nattering, shopping, nattering, yarn dyeing and nattering 😀 . It was a fantastic break to revive the mind and soul (well on my part anyway).  It was my first weekend away from my girls so I was a wee bit nervous (ok a lot bit nervous) but lucky for me Gabe’s gorgeous girls made me feel at home and loved 😀

I was also lucky enough to meet a few of the other ladies in CHC who frequent the same forum. Lots of laughter and eating and a bit more nattering 😉


I hate turning up to places empty handed – and I had to thank Gabes for her hospitality so I thought I’d make the Queen of Knitting somewhere to hold her current Project (yes I know, who only ever has 1 project on the go) I got my spy to do some work for me (though she did a bit too good of a job and Gabe’s posted this) and I put together a plan 😀

Anyway… Here is the WIP (work in Progress)  Bag.


I used a large Ziploc bag as a guide (well it’s where I keep my projects) so it’s around that size. The bottom is flat and has a piece of heavy interfacing to give it a sturdy base. The sides have a fusible batting in them to help the bag stand by itself and also to help prevent the needles poking through. If I had of been brave enough I would have tried quilting it – but alas – that was far toooooo scary.


Oh and can you see my favourite part???? The wee row counter on the drawstring 😀 Yes I’m a geek.


I added a few accessories to help make project wrangling easier.

A wee zippered notion pouch – made using this tutorial. This was my first ever zipper and I’m very proud of it.


And a “Yarn Bra” to hold a centre pull ball of yarn to help it from tangling. (for the ladies I met at the knitting night – I’ll have a tutorial up ASAP – though I think you all took enough notes lol) I got this idea from my Aunty who made a few of these in smaller sizes for christmas presents one year.


Both pouches have a clip so they can be clipped to the D-ring inside the bag for easy retrieval.


Personalised with a Name tag 😀


Inside I added some gorgeous Purple Merino et Soie Yarn, a bar of Dairy Free Fair trade Chocolate and a copy of the Yarn Harlots book.


ooooooh and Gabes gave me a huge spool of white yarn to dye from this stash.


Thank you Gabes and girls for showing me a fantastic time and having me to stay.


The Photo was taken by Gabe’s 6yo DD – isn’t she clever 😀 ( oh and that’s me all bundled up in my big woolly jacket – spot the Aucklander 😉 )



  1. Oh, I’m so so very jealous 🙂 Sounds like you had a great time….and you so deserve it!!!!
    Gabes bag looks great…I reckon she was pretty chuffed with it huh 😉

  2. heh YUP I was so totally chuffed with it. Thanks Leah. It was a great weekend and glad you enjoyed it

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