Posted by: knewbieknitter | December 31, 2008

Bag Swap V2.0

Again….. The pull of bags is just far toooooo much for me. I love bags (and shoes) but mmmmmmmmmmmm bags.

So anyway the lovely Christine decided to run another bag swap before christmas and with not too much a bit of arm twisting I was in.

My swappee was a friend on TNN. She’s a teacher and one of the ideas she gave me was for a bag that she could keep on her person at all times that would hold her keys, cellphone and ipod. I had a think, and I remember seeing on craftster a tutorial for a bum bag hipslinger. PERFECT.  I was also told that some of her favourite colours are pink and green and that she likes things no-one else has, and funky fabrics. I’m all about funky fabrics and I knew the perfect one for the project. Some Amy butler fabric from her Nigella range – Passion blossom. I had made myself a skirt out it only a couple of weeks ago and I absolutely loved it.

So anyway the bag….. Here are some pics

And the only modifications really were that i used a tie closure

in return I got the COOOOOOOLEST Work in progress bagsket in my favourite colour PINK

it has cool pockets on the inside

and is lined with a funky dragonfly print fabric (one that I’ve admired for ages)

I love it so much and it’s used all the time 😀



  1. that’s a cool idea! it looks great! and your WIP bag looks suspiciously like the one i got in my 2nd yarn swap..?? unless several people have the same pattern….?? *cue twilight zone music*

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