Posted by: knewbieknitter | December 31, 2008

End of Year Catchup – Thank you’s

Ok yes, I know, I’ve been absent forever -well 4 months at least. I always meant to get back here and update things but I had so much fun reading others blogs that my own was sadly neglected

So here I am – Hoping to make amends. And hopefully – somewhere someone still checks in on me.

So as a final farewell to 2008   here are some of my last few months projects. I’m hoping to start 2009 fresh with lots of new stuff and regular updates.

First of all some long overdue Public acknowledgement of wonderful gifts received from amazing friends and swap partners

The Koha

from the gorgeous Christine all wrapped up in the best type of wrapping – FABRIC

And the goodies it enclosed  most gorgeous Bamboo Scarf (which she has blogged about here) which Izzy promptly claimed and even now when she says it I get a sharp telling off and a “hey that’s mine” 😉

Beautiful Hand Dyed Yarn Which I’ve knitted into a soaker

And CHOCOLATE – Organic Greens & Blacks Chocolate – which actually matches the yarn – I bet Christine done that on purpose 🙂

Yarn Swap V1

I took part in 2 yarn swaps. For the first one I sent out 2 packages (one I blogged about here which was actually my last post for many months – whoops sorry and the 2nd package was sent to the Gorgeous Kelly in Oz)

Well I also received the most gorgeous well thought out swap parcels in return 😀

Pretty as a Princess Yarn Swap

The first came from the wonderful Sharon. All who know me  know that I’m a HUGE Disney fan so Sharon decided to take this and use it in her swap. I received the most gorgeous wool dyed in the Jewel Tones of the Disney Princess Dresses.

Also included in the package was a WIP bag with a matching notions pouch, CHOCOLATE, a pattern for some lacy Come Dancing Socks and a recipe for Chocolate Pear Brownie mmmm yummy.

The link above includes all the details of the lovely swap – I’m just sorry it’s taken me this long to post about it.


Kelly was my other gifter. She has blogged about her gorgeous Persephone ” godess of the underworld” themed swap here

Gorgeous – firey hand dyed yarn, Pomegranate juice and hand beaded stitch markers. A pattern for Persephone wrist warmers and a recipe for pomegranate sago pudding.

THANK YOU to you all – mwah mwah mwah



  1. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Leah is B.A.C.K.!!!!!!!!

    Yes, the chocolate was on purpose 😉


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