Posted by: knewbieknitter | December 31, 2008


The 1st yarnswap was so successful that it was decided to do a 2nd one (and also a 3rd which I didn’t take part in 😳 due to my busy schedule leading up to the new year).

Anyway version 2.0 was the same as the first one with a slight tweak – no knitting gift was needed but apart from that it was the same

My recipient to be was Shortly – I reallyhad to put my thinking cap on, and since the swap was to be completed so close to christmas I decided on a christmas theme.


I based it around what makes Christmas unique to us here in New Zealand – the fact it’s summer plays a big part in how we celebrate it, bbq’s, beaches, swimming. My girls have a wonderful christmas book called “Kiwi Jingle Bells” which sums it all up perfectly. I decided this was the main part of my swap.

Pohutukawa coloured Yarn (New Zealand’s Christmas tree – flowers around christmas time)

I also included the book and a couple of keyrings (a jandal and a buzzy bee) to use as decorations. The pattern I chose was for some jandal socks 😀

In return the lovely E sent to me a


Themed swap…. Man was i spoilt.

I got some Everlasting gobstopper yarn

Lots and lots and lots of Wonka lollies 😀

A purple scarf from when Violet turned into a blue berry

A pattern for a sweetie dress and a Chocolate Sauce River Recipe.



  1. I loved my swap too, thanks Hon!

    I’ve got the yarn wound into a cake and it’s with me on holiday patiently waiting its turn to be knitted up. 🙂 Will post pics when it’s started and done.

  2. Oh love the xmas themed swap!!!! Seth loves that book 😀

    Nice to have you back blogging to hun 😀 😀 😀

  3. […] one is from my Yarn Swap V2.0 that was dyed by the lovely ditto on […]

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