Posted by: knewbieknitter | January 1, 2009

A new home

For the dolly’s that is….

Again following with tradition, I didn’t start the renovation of this dollshouse until a couple of days before Christmas. It was a cheap buy from Trademe – I think under $20. I had bought the girls some wooden dolls furniture for cheap while I was in Nelson visiting my friend and her newborn son, so I really needed to get this finished in time for christmas as it was their main present.

Before pics….. this shows the roof after I repaired it – when we bought it it had some bits missing. Instead of making a new roof (DH was being stubborn) I bought some moulding putty and fixed it the best i could.

After a couple of days hard slog sanding it back (after finding out that it was enamel paint grrrr I did ask dh and he said that it wasn’t) and a couple of test pots of paint later, it was finally finished at 3am christmas morning.


And best of all……………………….The girls LOVE IT.



  1. WAY cool!!!!! is it wrong I am planning Nina’s dolls house already 😆

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