Posted by: knewbieknitter | January 1, 2009

Last Minute Christmas Gifts

Ok so I’m a serial procrastinator 😳 – something I’m going to try and change for the coming year. If there is a deadline I won’t start until the week or even a few days before it’s due 😳 and if no-one gives me a deadline then I’m sorry to say it isn’t likely to ever be done 😳

So christmas time was no exception…… with 5 days till christmas and no money for presents I had to do something. Along comes my lovely friend Margaret with a book from her marvelous collection “Bend The Rules Sewing”. It saved Christmas.

I went to bed that night and flipped through all the pages of quick easy potential gifts…. I was ready.  I made a list of who I had yet to buy for and assigned them a gift for me to make.

First Up was my Greatest Friend – Bridget and her darling mother (whom my girls believe is one of their grandparents 😀 sooooo sweet)

For Bridget I made the Artsy Clutch from the book – padded so she could use it as a camera bag – it turns out she bought herself a digital camcorder for Christmas (Lucky thing) so this will be a funky way of keeping it out of harms way.

I went stash diving and knowing my friend loves bright bold colours I went with Joel Dewberry Sparrows from his Aviary collection with a lime green sunburst (from the same collection) and I made a matching lime green button (oooh covered buttons….this will have to be a post in itself…what an awesomely cool addiction 😉 ) From Start to finish this project took about 20 mins – now you can’t complain about that 😀

For her mum I wanted something slightly different – in my bloggy travels I’d come across these Criss Cross Coasters. A fantastic way to use up fat 1/4’s (a quarter of a yard of fabric cut so it’s like a fat rectangle for you non sewers 😉  ) You get about 6 coasters from 2 contrasting fat 1/4’s. Again a simple but really effective gift. I love them and I think the recipient liked them too.

For my youngest sister a BIG BAG – the Pleated Beauty Bag – again from Bend The rules Sewing book.

Joel Dewberry Fabric again – this time in yellow (brighter than the picture shows) with a yellow lining. With a solid bottom.

I love the pleats – they add a point of difference. And I enjoyed making the bag so much that I’ve got one for me in progress (as soon as my machine comes back it will be finished)

My sister Juju received an Artsy Clutch also – this is for her New digital camera (see the theme?? 😉 )

Both of these fabrics are from my stash – I can’t think of the designer right now but again I had fun making the matching covered button 😀

For mum I made some coasters in some vintage style rose fabric from my stash

She also got some handmade crystal christmas tree earrings made by my friend and all the girls in the family got some Memo Holder Magnets

These again were quick and easy to make. I had some wooden pegs from the girls craft box and raided my ribbon stash. I then put craft glue on the peg edge and wrapped it in a ribbon. The magnet strip was cut to size and added on the back. Then leave them to dry – and there you have it – a quick and easy gift 😀

All the males in the family got some homemade fudge using the quick and easy recipe of Christine’s with some added goodies in it – crushed candy canes, some with cointreau etc. All was devoured within a day and I even had phonecalls asking if the fudge could be their annual christmas gift… I think I can do that. You’ll need to hound Christine for the recipe should you want to try it yourself 😉



  1. ABsolutely gorgeous!!!! Hmm, will maybe another batch of fudge maybe and post the recipe HA!

  2. Covered buttons are super fun!!
    I remember them from my childhood, you might have flicked me onto another obsession too 😉

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