Posted by: knewbieknitter | January 2, 2009

Pretty Petti’s

I’ve had this obsession with Pettiskirts since I first saw them on boutique childrens clothes Sewing forum I frequent. They sell for absolutely astronomical prices in the US (about $80-100 USD per skirt) and then I’d have to ship the big balls of fluff home adding to the cost. So after chatting with the ladies and feeling like I could actually attempt them I bought the fabric – almost a year later I attempted the skirts for my youngest sisters wedding as my girls would be the flower girls or fairies as they turned out to be. It turns out my aunty made these skirts way back when my sisters were little (I’ll find the photo as it’s soooo cute) so if I got stuck i’d have someone to turn to for advice.

Basically how I made them was I made 2 lots of tiered skirts with a big ruffle factor to get the oomph needed. The poufiness comes from the ruffle fluff which from memory is ruffled from 150cm down to 25cm so quite a fluffy ruffle 😀

After about 5 days and almost 15metres of fabric  both skirts were finished at 10pm the night before just in time for the wedding at 3pm 😀 – I am sooooooooooooooooo happy with the results.

My conclusion – although extremely satisfying now they are done – and I get to say “I MADE THEM”  – the huge pricetag these come with is soooooooooooooooo justified 🙂

Wedding pics to come in another post 😀



  1. WOW. just WOW. 😀

  2. Beautiful!!!!!

  3. […] I’ve had a few messages from friends asking me how to make the pretty petti’s so I’m in the process of translating my […]

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